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acura-logoAcura is a subsidiary of the Honda franchise. The brand is considered by many to be an upper-end of middle class vehicles. They were first introduced in the USA back in 1986 and have made a name for being the first Japanese automotive luxury brand. But enough with the history. How many types of Acura car keys are available and how do you replace it in case it is displaced or lost?

The Transponder Key

This key was first introduced in the automotive industry in 1995. It has a computer micro-chip that’s electronically coded and embedded in a plastic casing. Whenever you insert your Acura car keys, the code in the microchip detects it. If it matches the predetermined value then you can start the engine otherwise nothing happens. In case you drop the car keys and break the microchip then you cannot start the car engine.

The only way around this scenario involves reprogramming the immobilizer control unit such that it matches the code of the new keys. The process may seem costly but that only depends on how urgently you want it done.

The Remote Control

acura-keyThink of any car brand and you can be guaranteed that it has remote car control. At a glance, they do not look like the conventional car key. Nonetheless, they play an important role of locking/ unlocking car doors, opening/ closing the trunk, turning on/ off the alarm and so much more. A remote control uses either infrared or a radio transmitter to send a coded message to a receiver installed somewhere in your car. The frequency varies from car to car. As it is with the transponder key, the code allows the engine to start. If the batteries are running low on charge or if you have displaced the remote control then you must get a replacement.

Rolling Codes

Rolling codes were first used in cars in 1999 and have become synonymous with the modern car. Whenever you use the car keys, it sends a new code. You can think of it as a modified transponder key. However, there is a slight difference – the transponder key work with one code whereas the rolling codes send a different code whenever the car keys are inserted. As is obvious, rolling codes are nearly impossible to replace and if you do then it will cost you a lot.

The Master Key

The master key was actually not meant for day-to-day use. They came with the cars but were only used by auto locksmiths in case a client had lost or damaged their car keys and needed replacement. You can imagine how disastrous it would be for a dealership to lose a master key. Luckily, someone was this loophole and came up with an ingenious solution – acquire a brand’s security information and store it in a central database. This way, whenever you want your car keys replaced then you can have it reprogrammed fast.

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