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cadillac-logoCar keys are basically used to start a car , lock and unlock the door, among other purposes. Car keys are an important part of your car’s security.

The following are the types of Cadillac car keys:

1. Remote key-less keys

A majority of Cadillac car models are supplied with remote controlled car keys. This kind of keys work by pressing a self programmed code for entry into the car .They can perform a number of tasks including; locking and unlocking the door from a few yards, turning on and off car alarms, starting the engine in some models and opening and closing the car trunk.

Remote keyless Cadillac car keys have incorporated modern technology. They use infrared or radio transmitters to send a coded message to a receiver that is fitted on the car. They also have hidden touch sensitive keypads.

2. Transponder keys

Transponder Cadillac car keys feature a computer microchip that is coded and embedded at the handle for purposes of security, ignition and prevention of key fraud. The electronic code in the computer microchip serve to detect the car keys when inserted in ignition. The code has to be matched with a another fixed code to enable the key to start the car engine. Transponder keys are either mechanical-cut or laser-cut.

3. Valet Cadillac car keys

This type of keys are quite different from transponder and remote key-less systems as they have been modified to perform specific purposes. They are restricted to ignition and locking and unlocking doors but not opening car trunks and locked gloves boxes. Valet keys are issued together with standard smart keys or transponder keys.

4. Rolling code Cadillac key systems

Rolling code systems are also different from the rest of the Cadillac car keys as they use a different code each and every time you use your car. Unlike transponder keys which use a fixed code, these ones always vary the code. Although they are expensive to replace, rolling code keys are more popular since they guarantee more security.

5. Master Cadillac car keys

cadillac-keyMaster keys are getting more obsolete with time and many modern Cadillac car models are not supplied with this key nowadays. Much as they came with cars, they were not meant for normal use. Instead, they were used by locksmiths to program a replacement in case of loss of car keys.

Nothing can piss you off like losing your Cadillac car keys, especially when your are late for a major event. Instead of scratching your hard too hard looking for a trusted Cadillac dealership to replace your car keys, contact Portland Locksmith Pros. This car key replacement service providers will effortlessly replace a brand new pair of Cadillac car keys and even give you extra key for your car.

Replacement Cadillac Car Keys In Portland, OR

Unlike car dealerships, Portland Locksmith Pros provide cost effective car key replacement services hence allowing you to save money.

It also takes a very short time to get a Cadillac car key from Portland Locksmith Pros as compared to a car dealer.

Moreover, the car key replacement professionals provide reliable and trusted locksmith services by using state of the art computerized equipment .

Portland Locksmith Pros are at your disposal to ensure you efficiently and effortlessly get back on the road.

Cadillac Models:

Coupe de Ville
Fleetwood Brougham
Series 65
de Ville
Sixty Special
Series 60
Series 61
Series 62
Series 70
Series 341
Type 57
Type 59
Type 61
Type V-63
Series 314
Model Thirty
Type 53
Type 51
Model D

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Awesome service
City: Tigard

My uncle referred me to this company after I lost my Cadillac keys. He told me they were way faster and cheaper than a dealership and he was right. They had a new key in my hand the same day. I couldn’t be more pleased and I recommend this company to everyone!