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Portland, OR Exit Device Installation & Repair

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If you are searching for a locksmith to set up an exit bar in Portland, you’ve reached the ideal spot! Our professionals are specialists inside the field of commercial panic door bars, and they can certainly help you with your commercial security needs. We provide bulk discounts for almost all commercial security products, so ask if we’re able to help you save money when you call! Our technicians are extremely great at examining and determining which fire exit device or emergency panic bar you will need for your business. Commercial door services do not need to be excessively pricey or time-intensive for businesses to manage, call the PROS today and get your service started!

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Portland, Oregon Panic Bar Installation & Repair

Our company is here to take care of your entire commercial security needs from panic bars to access control systems, and we are the best in town. Our complete 90 day guarantee on materials and services shows our assurance that we provide the very best services in Portland, and our pricing is priced to beat our competitors… each and every time. We realize that there is a lot to choose from in terms of selecting a professional locksmith company for your job, but we are certain that we’re able to supply the greatest commercial exit device service in town. In many cases our customers want additional security for exit devices in their retail establishments. In such cases we can help design and style an alarm system to go along with your exit door.

Types Of Exit Devices For Commercial Properties

Exit devices were initially designed to prevent people from being trapped in buildings as a result of fire disaster and other accidents or errors. With the rules and limitations of safety and escapes from buildings, the exit devices are becoming more popular in the Portland Oregon area. They are a perfect choice for securing the building and ensuring that there is a safe exit when there is an emergency.

What is an exit device?

This is a type of door hardware that lets the door stay locked from the outside. Nonetheless, a person that is in the building can exit the building easily without the need of unlocking the door. The exit device is also called a crash bar because it can open the door when a person applies the entire body force.

Types of Exit Devices

There are several types of exit devices for commercial properties offered at Portland Locksmith Pros. The exit devices are designed to offer security and safety. You will not have to worry about getting a key for the lock when there is an emergency. You will also not worry about locking the door to keep the intruders away.

The exit devices will come in different categories, but they are all grouped into three basic types. The Rim Style, the Mortise Style, and the Concealed/Surface Style. Each type works differently, so you will want to understand their mechanism before you choose one for your commercial property.

1. Rim Style Exit Device
Rim style exit deviceThis type of device is normally mounted on the inside surface of a door. They will be designed with flexibility, to allow them to fit into different types of doors on the inside surface. Also, they are suitable for small business, and on doors that have less traffic. Also, they are quite easy to install and maintain. The cost-effectiveness and ease of installation make it a great choice for the businesses that are still developing.

2. Mortise Style Exit Device
This crash bar is made with a unique locking mechanism. The locking mechanism will be mortised, or mounted into a certain cavity on the door. It has simple design and tends to be sturdy and stable enough. It can also last for long on the door, without breaking down. These types of exit devices are most suitable for medium to large size commercial properties. Ideally, they are used in hospitals, schools, and even large businesses. Its mortise design is what makes this crash bar more stable and durable.

3. Concealed/Surface Style Exit Devices
Concealed style exit deviceThis is also among the common types of exit devices for commercial properties that you can find in Portland Locksmith Pros. It has a construction with vertical rods that offer more strength to the unit. They are designed to offer extra latching at the bottoms and/or the tops of the door. They are also designed to fit in any building, and they tend to be stronger that the other types. It is a great alternative if you need a door that can offer enough security and safety to the building. This exit device is mostly used in large commercial properties. They also have a unique aesthetic aspect, which can help to keep the door looking amazing.

Each of the exit device is developed with an alarm system for the door. They usually have the exit ability in times of emergency. They will not operate efficiently in normal situations. For instance, the door might not pop open when is pushed gently. Most of them have been designed to function when the alarm system in the building is on. In turn, the entire safety system in the building will be alerted. The exit devices at this point will be active, and they will allow the people in the building to get through the door. Also, they cannot be accessed from the outside. So when you crash out of the building through the door with the exit device, you may not be able to get in when the door is closed.

At Portland Locksmith Pros, you will be able to find the right type of exit device that will fit in your commercial property. The exit devices are from reputable brands, and they can help you get the best safety and security needs that you require. These exit devices are also quite easy to use, and the company helps you to install them whenever you want.

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Heck of a company
City: Portland

These guys were great when I had a security issue in my building. They showed up on time to install a new exit device! They were really professional, friendly and even offered some advice! I will definitely call them the next time I have issues and recommend their services to anyone!

Use these guys every time.
City: Portland

Excellent work! Fast and efficient service. I have used them for several jobs including push bars for my office building and also the house. I highly recommend this company!