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High Security Lock Services in Portland, OR

High security lock7When it comes to the security of your home or business, you should not be contended by using the regular locks. Nowadays, there are many bad guys that try to enter the home or office forcefully so it is highly advisable to use high security locks instead of regular locks. High security locks are affordable yet it is effective. These are just ideal to boost the security of your home as well as business. The high security locks have a cylindrical design which provides more resistance to impressioning, key duplication, picking, drilling, bumping and any other forceful methods of entering in to a premise.


High Security Locks – Why You May Need Them


High security lock5By using high security locks, you are able to protect your entire property from key bumping and lock picking. These two methods are the most common ones that the burglars use for breaking in to a property. The unfortunate thing about it is that the people nowadays are able to execute key bumping moves because by watching the videos online on how to do that. What it is worse about it is that anyone can now break in to your home, office or car because lots of bumps keys are available. The bump keys are the kind of keys which do not leave behind any evidence.


Another crime which could be prevented by using high end locks is unauthorized duplication. There are various key duplication services that can be found all over the world, from malls to hardware stores and locksmith shops. If you are not using the key control system then you will not have complete control over how many people could have keys for your locks. But the high security lock system provides complete key control. These are available with an ID card with your initial order. If by chance you need more keys in future then it will be monitored under your stored personal information and you will get new key by showing your ID card. You can now have peace of mind by knowing that your door cannot be opened by just anyone.


Another most common crime is the forced entry. These can be prevented by using the security locks. Burglars usually break in to a home or building by forcing it open or by prying the door. Some of them even drill, saw, hammer or wrench the door. It is good for you if you use high security locks as these have special kind of cylinder which can weather any of these attacks. They have deadbolts which is been considered as the highest grade lock in the market today.


High security lock6The high security locks are available with several features which protect you from the dangers. These kinds of locks have independent locking mechanisms which are been operated by a single key which makes them impossible to pick. Some of these locks even have protections in place in order to prevent unauthorized duplication. It ensures that you are the only one who can authorize a copy. Additionally, they have special features such as solid steel bolts and door frames that are been made up of hardened steel alloys which prevent forced entry. Here are few of the benefits of high security locks.


High Security Locks – Why You May Need Them and Its Benefits


  • - Top Quality: The main reason why high security locks are ideal for your home or business is the way in which it is built and materials that is been used. These are made up of brass and steel components and cannot be broken by intruders. These kinds of locks hold the door closed and these are very durable.
  • - Resistant to Drilling: Another benefit of installing it is that these kinds of locks resist the action of drilling that some of the burglars use in order to break open the locks.
  • - Have a Key Control System: These kinds of locks use restricted key system and its key is patented which means it cannot be duplicated. Its key has signature verification on them and only the key owner can use them.
  • - Cannot Be Picked: Regular locks can be picked easily by using pins or any other such pointed objects but this cannot be done when it comes to the high security locks.

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