Nov 01 2015

The Most Popular Lock Brands In The United States

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There are a myriad of lock brands that have built their reputation in the US. These locks are either known for functionality, aesthetics or both. Below are some of the most popular lock brands in the United States:

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BaldwinBaldwin has been in operation since 1946. Over time, they have garnered enough experience to manufacture locks and lock accessories of unrivalled quality. They are known to bring unique innovations in the lock industry. Besides functionality, their locks are fancy and will accentuate the looks of your home. Baldwin claims their locks are handmade. Through their website, you can design a lock you fancy and have it installed. This is possible through a feature called lock designer.




They have been manufacturing locksets and architectural hardware since 1964. Though they have a huge customer base in the US, Omnia also exports locksets and lock accessories to Canada, Singapore, Central America and Japan among other international markets. This widening market has helped them built their trust among Americans. They make simple locks with modern styling. Their goal is to ensure the security of your home is not compromised. Their lock accessories are nice looking and are made in aluminum and brass to up the finesse of your house.




schlageIf you are serious about your security and not just interested in aesthetics, this is the lock brand to go for. It has been among the most popular lock brands in the United States for over 90 years. What they bring to the industry is experience. They are known for manufacturing locks that are commercial grade quality for your home. They manufacture deadbolts, handlesets, door knobs, keypad locks, door levers and lock accessories. Their new lock designs are not only high quality in terms of security but also come with high styling.




Every lock store stocks Kwikset lock brand. It is a highly recognizable brand in the US. The company produces handlesets, deadbolts, electronic locks, levers, light commercial locks, knobs and lock accessories. They are popular for Smartkey re-key technology, a feature that allows you to re-key your lock without removing them. The feature comes handy for landlords who frequently need to re-key their locks. One of the reasons that has made Kwikset one of the most popular lock brands in the United States is their discounted prices. If you are on a budget and you are in need of security, this is your go to lock brand.




WeiserWeiser has been in operation since 1904. They started in South Gate, California where they used to design ornate custom locks for the homes of movie stars and for feature films. The company focuses on manufacturing high fashion locks. Besides high fashion, their locks are functional. There are leaders in innovative products as seen on their Bluetooth deadbolt lock that can be easily unlocked by use of a smartphone. Their smartcode locks also show their high level of innovation. Like Kwikset, their products feature Smartkey re-key technology that allows you to re-key your lock in seconds.




Weslock locks have been in the market since 1932. The company only produces grade II cylindrical locks for residential homes. They are popular for a number of things. Their locks feature all metal parts, they offer ease of installation, offer high level security and privacy, come with concealed installation screws, their knobs and levers are removable, dual spindles and lastly removable rosettes. Seeing that the locks bear contemporary designs, they look elegant on your door. The theme of their products is security, safety and style. To this end, their locks are strong, long lasting and aesthetically appealing.




Yale is synonymous with experienced lock manufactures. It is a worldwide brand that has been in circulation in the market since 1840. The company started in Newport, New York and acts as a pioneer in lock and lock accessories innovations. Most of their products were among the first to hit the market. They continue to innovate today and to bring strong and great looking locks into the market. They are manufacturers of door locks, padlocks, safes, door handles, alarms and digital door locks. Their digital door locks are popular in the United States, South Korea, Scandinavia, France and Turkey among other international markets.


The most popular lock brands in the United States above are known for security, safety, style and technology.

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