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Portland, OR Car Key Replacement

Save On Car Key Replacement In Portland!

Have you ever lost your car keys? If you have you know how frustrating it truly is. Having no car keys, usually means no transportation and no way to get to work, school or anywhere else. Do not be concerned, your troubles will be swept away by hiring a respected Portland, Oregon locksmith to execute a car key replacement asap.

Car Key Replacement & Programming

Mazda KeyReplacement car keys doesn’t have to require an insanely expensive visit to the car dealership where you pay a gross amount of money and now have to wait around until they handle your key replacement. We can easily offer you lower rates, together with much faster turnaround times additionally, the same or better quality keys. Sure, this is true surprisingly even for the slightly more sophisticated car key systems currently available.

Car Key Duplication Services In Portland Oregon

Bear in mind car dealers usually charge a lot more then local locksmiths for duplicate keys and your car key programming. Almost all car dealers would love for consumers to assume that your replacement car keys run you as much as new car keys but they usually do not. This lock, latch and key company is genuine and also straightforward about all costs.

Purchase Laser Cut Car Keys

Transponder car keys are going even more high tech each day. Many cars currently have laser cut keys which is actually a much more sophisticated practice then how former car, truck and motorcycle keys used to be cut.

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Better To Use A Locksmith Over A Dealership For Car Keys

When something goes wrong with your car lock then the first person that comes to the mind is the dealership especially if there is a malfunctioning of transponder. At the time of emergencies, the numerous benefits of hiring a locksmith escape our attention. It happens mainly due to the fact that many of us are not aware that these locksmiths are knowledgeable in handling such emergency cases. But they also charge much less than the dealerships.


Replacement car keysIf you have lost your car keys or want to replace it with a new one, it is better to use a locksmith over a dealership for your car keys because locksmiths are better than an automobile dealer in many ways. The main reason why it is better to use a locksmith over a dealership for car keys is that the dealership is more expensive than the locksmith. If you have lost your transponder key then a dealership will charge you about $200 to replace your key. The expense is not due to cutting the car key that only costs few dollars and labor. Most of the cost of the key is due to electronic chip in the key of your vehicle itself. If you have a key that is cut perfectly without any correct programming then you can put it in the ignition and you can turn the key and you will notice that nothing will happen. The car will not start. The dealership will charge you a high price for the transponder chip and they will also charge you higher base pay in order to cover the salary of their worker.


It is always a better option for you to purchase your replacement keys from a locksmith rather than the dealership. The locksmith uses same equipment as the dealership but they will charge you with half price in order to replace your key. If you are getting your car keys replaced then the most important part of getting it done is by making sure that the chip inside the key is properly programmed. You should test your new keys always before leaving the locksmith. You should contact the locksmith immediately if you are having any problem while starting your car or unlocking its door. If your car is unable to start then there must be some problem with the programming or maybe there was some problem with the cutting of the key.. The locksmiths offer numerous benefits that include expertise, ability to create laser cut keys at the spot, mobile service and low cost but still many of us still choose to tow our cars to the dealer.


The technicians at the dealership are capable of repairing any snag in the car but their knowledge is more general. On the other hand, the locksmiths have more precise and specific knowledge and they have the right tools to effectively handle the problems related to car keys. So if you are facing any problem with your car keys then you can always depend on the locksmiths because they will provide you with right solution to fix your problem.

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Replacement car keys1Another problem arise if you go to a dealership for your car keys is that they will ask you to tow your car to their workshop in order to get the work done. On the other hand, if you hire the service of locksmiths then you will be provided with specialized services that handle such emergency situations. One of the best things of hiring a locksmith is that he can even come over to your place in order to fix your problem. Their service will arrive at your site within short period of time. One of the biggest advantages of hiring the locksmith service is that such services are available at any hour of the day whereas on the other hand, the dealerships work only during the business hours. The locksmith can come to you whenever or wherever you want them and by hiring them you are saving your money of towing your car to the dealership in order to get the work done. If you are having any problem in starting your car or unlocking its door then you should contact the locksmith immediately. The locksmith will help you to fix your problem whenever you require.

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Honda Car Key Being Cut

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The 5 musts!
City: Tigard

Quick, easy, fast, affordable, friendly. These 5 things are exactly what you get when hiring this company! Thank you guys so much for replacing my Honda key!!

These guys are the real deal
City: Tigard

Portland Locksmith Pros replaced the keys of our 2003 Volkswagon Passat in roughly half an hour. He was super knowledgeable, fast, friendly and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

City: Hillsboro

Fast work, good quality and awesome customer service!!! Thanks a lot! You saved my life, even if it’s just a key!

Best Company EVER!
City: Portland

I lost my keys while fishing on Trillium Lake. I called these guys as recommended from a friend. Portland Locksmith Pros had my key replaced and in my hand in less than an hour and a half. I highly recommend this company for all replacement car keys.

Spectacular service!

Note to self. Don’t go jogging with your car keys. That said, I did and regretted it directly. So I got on google and found these guys. Portland locksmith pros were able to get to me in less than an hour and programmed me a new key. Very thankful to these guys and will use them again if I need to.

5 Stars easy
City: Cedar Hills

In one word…perfect. From start to finish these guys were prompt, super friendly and professional. Dealer told me it was gonna cost a crap load of money to replace. Thankfully I looked online. If you ever lose or need car key replaced, quit looking around for a better deal and go for the best deal and call Portland Locksmith Pros. Definitely referring to friends and family.

Fast Car Key Service

I called these guys and 30 minutes later they are at the club replacing my car keys and programming them. I actually had plenty of time to continue my night. Not only did he replace the car keys to my Honda Civic. Another lady in the parking lot had the same problem and he helped her too. Great guy and great service all around.

Replaced My Honda Car Keys Super Cheap

My dealership was trying to charge me crazy money to replace my car keys and I also would have had to come to the dealership. I called these guys and found out they were 100.00 cheaper and they could come to my house in 30 minutes. PERFECT!! Such a convenient service. 2 Thumbs UP!!!